At Patagonian Yeast we take care of ensuring quality innovation in your products and projects, providing the possibility of standardization, differentiation and added value.


We have stable and isolated strains to contribute to the differentiation and innovation in your products

We offer you the possibility of generating highly differentiated products in the market, generating innovations that are difficult to imitate. We care about giving you the key tool, ready for the personification of your projects.

Our Licenses

FONDO BioDream


We help you to spread your strains in a personalized way, we adapt to your measure and to each fermentative process that you undertake

Propagamos your microorganisms to ensure optimal fermentation by agreeing periodic deliveries by mutual agreement.
Within our facilities we have a plant with capacity and versatility for the growth of yeasts, microalgae and bacteria, we can work with different media of crops and nutrients to measure.

We comply with strict analyzes of traceability, viability control and contamination , this with the objective to deliver the best product quality to our customers.
Work with us and obtain unique strains that will differentiate you from the rest of the market.


We provide support for the efficient and optimal development of your fermentation processes.

We offer assistance for all your fermentation needs.

We can help you with the training for the personnel of your factory, configuration of laboratories and protocolization of your processes.

If you want to create a new product, we can assist in the creation of new recipes and / or fermentation methods.


We remain at the forefront of knowledge to deliver the most accurate training to the fermented industry

We seek to professionalize the field with fermentation techniques, such as specific microorganism management, maintenance, reuse, acidification, among others.

Ask about our trainings and factory assistance.


Services with high standards of quality and reliability.

Some of our services are:

  • Propagation of microorganisms.
  • Collection and isolation of microorganisms and filamentous fungi.
  • Maintenance and characterization of microorganisms.
  • Creation of customized starters for different industries.
  • Protocol of industrial production processes.
  • Analysis of quality control of factory and products.
  • Biochemical and physicochemical analysis of finished products.
  • Training of laboratory personnel
  • Assistance for new products and / or fermentation methods

  • Are you interested in any special analysis for your production?
    Do you have an idea of innovation, but do not know how to start it?

Fermented foods of all kinds are gaining popularity among consumers and Patagonian Yeast is proud to offer customized solutions for projects ranging from amateurs to high-tech research projects. The Project Team is here to support wherever there is fermentation involved!

Patagonian Yeast frequently participates in special fermentation projects. In addition to the projects of beer, distillation, wines, ciders, hydromiels, sauerkraut, non-alcoholic drinks of cereals, fruits, roots and other fermented products.

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