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A yeast for fermented beverages

July 10, 2019
New yeasts for Cervecería Lowther, Bariloche, Argentina.
June 13, 2019
Creating Your Best Research Paper Thought With a Writing Outline
July 29, 2020
“Patagonian Yeast, microbiological innovation company, is characterized by its great innovative potential. With the help of Victoria Lobos, an agronomist engineer from the Catholic University of Temuco, this regional firm is dedicated to the isolation and production of quality yeasts for the fermented beverage industry.
His work allowed the development of the first yeast for use in fermented beverages in Chile, Latin America and the Caribbean. The researcher began studying yeasts in her university stage and was the basis of her undergraduate defense. Victoria could not believe that Chile, being a viticultural and inbred brewing country, had to import 100% of these raw materials.
Being a pioneer in this field has opened many doors and one of them are the agreements that you have abroad. Its main stakeholders are from outside Chile and it is certain that they will soon be a benchmark for microbiological innovation at the national and international level, through applied research and highly specialized professionals.
Currently, he is also investigating Chilean microorganisms, be they bacteria, yeasts, or microalgae. The idea is to bring new products to market and connect science and laboratory results with the industry, therefore, they are working with sauerkraut, functional drinks, beers, ciders and mead products, but without neglecting the development of alcoholic beverages. The idea is to advance to consolidate as a leader in the fermented beverage industry.”

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