We are Patagonian Yeast


A link between fermentative innovation in Latin America and the rest of the world

We are a microbiological innovation company that emerged in 2015 after four years of research, we are the nexus between Latin American innovation and the rest of the world through the isolation and production of liquid leaven, applied and cutting-edge research with highly specialized professionals. We bet by the last advances contributing by the autochthonous thing, to offer differentiation and added value to your fermentative projects.

Nuestro Desafío, es convertirnos en un referente de innovación microbiológica a nivel nacional e internacional




As Patagonia'n Yeast we have the mission to act as the link between fermentative innovation in Latin America and the rest of the world, thus contributing new strains to the industry.

We remain at the forefront of the latest advances in microbiology, betting on the quality, innovation and differentiation of our microorganisms, through a process of continuous research and development that provides added value to our customers, shareholders and collaborators.
Our vision is to become a benchmark for microbiological innovation at national and international level, promoting the sense of differentiation in our clients, this through applied research and highly specialized professionals.



Victoria Lobos


  • International diploma in craft distilling. PUC-V, 2019.
  • Argentine Brazilian Biotechnology Center: Microprospection; from nature to the biotechnological product. Bioreactor production. CABIO, 2017.
  • Beer Expert Tasting center Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2017.
  • Crop management and microorganism preservation methods. INIA, 2016.
  • Preservation, maintenance and data management of strains of microorganisms in crop collections. UFRO, 2016.
  • Yeast laboratory Regis University Denver, USA, 2016.
  • Brewing microbiology UC Davis CA, USA, 2016.
  • Diploma in science, technology and innovation in the agri-food industry. UFRO, 2015.
  • Agronomist UCT, 2014.


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