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  • Our interest as a trade association of Araucanía brewers, is to deepen our knowledge to improve production processes and thus give more value to our work and products. Thus, we place our trust in Patagonian Yeast and its director Victoria Lobos, given their knowledge, experience and development in the area, this in addition to their pedagogical abilities to transmit their knowledge and achieve an enriching experience, since they prepared a battery of adapted training to our needs in a comprehensive manner and aimed at a transversal public from a beginner to advanced level in brewing and yeast care techniques. Patagonian Yeast stands out for its quality and closeness, its professionalism and service orientation. For our association it was very important to have their services and we hope to continue connected, innovating and sharing knowledge and continue developing this industry in the region.

    Juan Carlos González Encina
    Presindent Guild Association of Cervecerías Costa Araucanía
  • My experience with Patagonian Yeast has been one of the best. A great level of professionalism and dedication to achieve the requested objectives. It is a serious company that allows innovation and differentiation from the rest in this beautiful world of fermented.

    Claudio Iturrieta
    Master Brewer Grosse Gerste
  • The experience of working with Patagonian Yeast has been excellent both in the work done as well as in the subsequent accompaniment. Sharing this adventure of creating a new beer, learning to work with yeasts, its handling, propagation, etc. is for us a pride of which we are very grateful, hoping to have the opportunity to continue working together and enrich ourselves with all their experience and knowledge. On behalf of everyone who works at LOWTHER.

    Many thanks

  • For us as Brewery Luthier, the advice received by Patagonian Yeast marked a change in the way of working in our brewery, we can say that there is a before and after, first with the incorporation of liquid yeast, both in its use, collection and reuse , the development of a new style of beer for our portfolio was also a pleasant experience, our Luthier Pagonian Tripel was developed and elaborated with the participation of the team of patagonian Yeast with wonderful results. The help provided in the protocols was a very important aspect helping us to organize each activity, we are very happy with the result of this advice and we will continue working with this great team of professionals.

    Eric Carrasco
    Head Brewer brewery Luthier
  • My experience working with Patagonia Yeast has been very positive. When you go to the lab you realize how motivated and concerned they are in providing their native cams. So far I have worked with two different strains and it has been very entertaining to see how they are expressed in the final product. For me that is the most entertaining thing to work with them, is to have the possibility to experiment with our native microbiological flora to create beers with unique profiles. This initiative is very good. Thank you guys! Cheers!

    Joel Driver
    Head Brewer of El Growler
  • The experience of working with Patagonian Yeast was quite good, we dealt with several issues of production and hygiene that are important for the day to day of any brewery.

    Gaspar Moreno
    Brewery Owner Cactus

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