Fermented Cup of the South

is an event that takes place once a year, which seeks to be a contribution in the field of fermented beverages in the southern hemisphere of our planet. The activity considers the participation of certified judges to carry out feed-back evaluations to the participants of the competition, awards, learning activities related to the item with a full day of conferences selected especially for producers, fans, suppliers and fans of beers, ciders and hydromyols.

We invite you to participate in this event, where you can take advantage of sharing different experiences and meet professionals from the fermentation area, which will allow you to generate new contact networks and approach the field in a friendly and professional way. We intend that this activity transcends in southern Chile and becomes an unforgettable experience for the field of fermented beverages, thus contributing to the industry and its producers, as we set out to contribute with a grain of sand in this industry that seeks to produce every time more, with better qualities, and with great aspirations.

1 Copa fermentados 20181-min

Ganadores 2018


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2 Copa fermentados 20191-min

Ganadores 2019

Moments Fermentados del Sur Cup

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